Today eCommerce websites have become a major part of business promotions and advertisements. The companies use different programs and methods to make them well known in the markets. When talking about the small businesses the internet is the important mean for introducing their products and services. These methods allow the small business owners to communicate with their possible and existing customers. Now the companies working in small business sector can tell their customers or clients about the (more…)

Today Social Media Marketing and E-commerce sites jointly make sure your site to get publicity by several social-networking users. Social Media Marketing has become important part of the marketing strategy to increase company’s sales. Usually, in earlier days for advertising a product print and broadcast media were used, which are simulated by recent social media websites for marketing techniques. This latest movement has made marketing media more practicable way to support your products and services. (more…)

Getting on the web is a good way to market your business. Good marketing starts with a good business plan, good website and reliable webhosting. Webhosting can be an important cost for your business. Especially, when every cent counts, it is important to get value for your money. With so many web hosting companies, you might wonder which one is the best one for your business? There are a variety of services, for example unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, free site builder, (more…)

Applications & Technologies We Use

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BitraNet’s core expertise in web application is driven by experience and resources to deliver complete range of Enterprise Application Integration and Application Development Services: Software applications, Web application or Custom application that best suit our client’s needs, budget, schedule and existing infrastructure. We endeavor to focus on the client’s requirement and deliver solutions designed around their requirements. BitraNet’s application development, integration and management can help you, (more…)