Importance of dynamic websites

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Internet is a dynamic place. If you want to launch and run successful online business, you need to have an interactive website, which reacts well to the queries of your prospective customers. Dynamic web pages play an important role here. Dynamic websites are a blend of advanced and sophisticated technology making it easy to retrieve information and update it. All our dynamic projects have user friendly designs and interactive interfaces. (more…)

We live in a world that is ruled by technology and we have a tremendously powerful tool at hand, the Internet. People from all over the world can access to the Internet at any time, all it takes is a computer and an Internet connection, and you can find almost everything you were looking for. Under these conditions, it is important for a business owner or representatives to advertise their products and services on the Internet, because customers can visit their website from any corner of the world. Now that payment and shipping (more…)

A website is an information resource or organizations often overlook the importance of having a current informative website by implementing simple and reasonably priced static websites. Static websites are suitable over the short-term if the content of the website is very constant and doesn’t change that much. The best long-term solution however, is to use a Content Management System. The content of the website is dynamically generated when users visit the website. The content resides in a database and is reorganized as (more…)

To get a good ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines for your keywords. This requires optimization of your head content and meta tags and then manual submission to the search engines and directories in the correct category. An outcome of a good ranking is, when your site is listed in the top 10 matches when someone enters words into a major search engine and their search results yield a good match to your site. BitraNet can help you achieve this. BitraSEO’s primary focus is to identify the marketing (more…)

Welcome to Bitra Group Blog

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Bitra Group has a wealth of website design and development expertise, a diversified technical skill set and unmatchable resources to implement complex web development projects from the initialization to the end. Bitra Group strives to be a comprehensive source for your web development needs: Strategy, architecture, design, implementation, systems integration, maintenance and support. We offer: Absolute Protection & Security: We have a fully secure development center with state-of-the-art technologies. We maintain the (more…)